Signing up for your MELiUS account is simple: 

    1. Visit the MELiUS xBackoffice Site: OR click on the enrollment link that your sponsor sent you.

    2. Type in your sponsor's Enroller ID, select your language, country, and account type, then click "OK".


        *If you clicked on your sponsor's Enroller Link, the Enroller ID will be automatically populated.

    3. Your initial enrollment dashboard will have a step-by-step guide like this:


    4. Click on the details link for more details - and then on Add to Cart; click on CONTINUE

    5. Fill up the form for your personal information - especially the space below Gender to type in your Social Security Number.


            *Continue by scrolling down to fill up the rest of the form:

  • Shipping Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Customize your personal replicated website

    6. Order confirmation and Payment Page


        *Scroll down to continue to the billing address, e-signature, and agreements section:


    7. You will received an email confirmation from MELiUS team

    8. Once confirmed, you can now proceed to log-in the MELiUS backoffice site