Change of Address, Telephone, Email-Address

To ensure timely communications, delivery of support materials and commission checks, it is critically important that the Company’s files are current. IBOs planning to move or change their email address must submit an amended IBO Agreement complete with the new information.


    Initial Training

Any IBO who sponsors another IBO into MELiUS must perform a bona fide assistance and training function to ensure that their downline is properly operating their MELiUS business. IBOs must provide the most current version of the Policies and Procedures, the Income Disclosure Statement, and Compensation Plan to individuals whom they are sponsoring to become IBOs before the applicant signs an IBO Agreement.

    Ongoing Training Responsibilities

IBOs must monitor the IBOs in their downline organizations to ensure that downline IBOs do not make improper product or business claims, or engage in any illegal or inappropriate conduct. Upon request, every IBO should be able to provide documented evidence to MELiUS of their ongoing fulfilment of the responsibilities of a Sponsor.


IBOs must not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks about MELiUS, other MELiUS IBOs, MELiUS' products and services, the Compensation Plan, or MELiUS' owners, board members, directors, officers, or employees.

    Reporting Policy Violations

IBOs observing a Policy violation by another IBO should submit a written report of the violation directly to the attention of the Company Compliance Department, complete with all supporting evidence and pertinent information. It is important to understand that information that is submitted will be kept confidential.


An IBO must submit payment of certain fees at the time of enrollment. These payments include $45 for a Starter Kit. This fee is non-commissionable. However, MELiUS does not require an IBO to purchase any products/services as a condition to his/her participation in the income opportunity.