1. Visit https://www.igolearn.app/

2. Click Forgot Password

3. Type in the username or email address

4. Click Send Message

5. They will receive an email to reset their password.

MELiUS Backoffice | iGoTrade | Traders Gemini

If you are havings issues logging in to the new backoffice:

1. Visit my.thinkmelius.com

2. Click Forgot Password

3. Type your registered email address and click Submit

4. Go to your email account and search for the email "Melius Back Office - Forgot Password" (If you can't find it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder)

5. Click the reset link

6. Type your new password

7. Confirm password and click reset password

8. You will be redirected to the backoffice log in page.


Please visit my.igoluxe.com

Note: Your username on iGoLuxe is the email you used to register.

1. Click on your username located on the top right corner of the page (beside Sign Out)

2. Select Profile

3. Click on Sign-in & Security

4. Type your New Password and Confirm New Password

5. Click Change Password

Important Note:

You will need 3 separate logins and passwords for these 3 platforms.

1. iGoLearn

2. BackofficeTraders Gemini, iGoTrade

3. iGoLuxe